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Here are some drabbles written for [ profile] andreaphobia , who bid on my offering over at [ profile] helpthesouth . She requested Reborn!/Assassin’s Creed crossover. holy shit melissa’s writing for another fandom but not really wut If you’re not familiar with AssCreed, just think of this as a collection of AU drabbles. ;’)   I basically just dropped the boys into Masyaf.

Warning for violence in the Lambo one.

Latent || Tsuna )

Slight || Hibari/Yamamoto )

Expectations ≠ Reality || Lambo )

Live || Yamamoto/Gokudera )

plz ignore the pretentious artsy-fartsy-ness of the last one IDK WHAT I WAS THINKING
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Title: Fallible
Characters: Yamamoto, Gokudera, Tsuna, Yamamoto→Gokudera and vaguish Gokudera→Tsuna
Rating: PG, although there is some swearing
Word count: 1400 ~
Summary: Gokudera’s devotion to Tsuna was comical and kind of weird, but Yamamoto never thought of it as anything other than some kind of mafioso-honor thing. Then it rained, and Tsuna forgot his umbrella at home.
A/N: Written for [ profile] rodicks , who won my auction at [ profile] help_japan . Her prompt was ‘Yamamoto gets blindly jealous of Gokudera and Tsuna's (non-existant) romantic relationship’. An oldie but goodie. :D  Unbeta'd, so let me know if you find any mistakes.

Good old Wikipedia says, “sharing an umbrella as a couple in Japan is considered a romantic expression, and teens often draw an umbrella with their name and the name of their crush, the way one would in a heart.”

None of this would have happened if Gokudera weren’t from Italy. )
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Title: Used to be alright
Pairing: Tsuna/Chrome
Rating: PG, implied child abuse
Word Count: 600~
Summary: Ignorance is bliss, as they say, and Tsuna has become intimately aware how of very true this is in the context of his own life.
A/N: Written for the prompt ‘physical child abuse’ on my [ profile] hc_bingo card. (my last prompt needed for a bingo! \o/) Title taken from the song ‘15 Steps’ by Radiohead.

He can still see them, clear as yesterday afternoon. )
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Title: Without a trace
Pairing: Tsuna/Enma
Rating: PG
Prompt: *-punkmeme: biopunk; Tsuna/Enma; “Not even footprints will be left behind.”
Word Count: 546
Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn belongs to Amano Akira.
Summary: This was the price to pay for their safety.

Three days passed between the first offer and Tsuna’s final decision. )

A/N: I'm not sure how to feel about this one. It's my first time writing this pairing, so I'd love any concrit you guys could give me.

Also, lol, I have another exam tomorrow. Why does my muse always harass me when I have more important things to do? She must like to procrastinate too. orz
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Title: I see trees of green…
Characters: Haru, Tsuna, Reborn, Gokudera, Yamamoto
Rating: PG for cartoon violence and crack
Prompt: [ profile] khrfest II-07. Haru - Spying; "I get to wear a mascot outfit?!"
Word Count: 904
Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! belongs to Amano Akira.
Summary: There’s a hit on Yamamoto, and Haru gets to do what she does best.

"Oh God, Hibari is going to kill us!" )
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Title: Special Privileges
Characters: Lambo, I-pin and Tsuna
Rating: G
Prompt: [ profile] khrfest II-52. Lambo & I-pin - bullying; "Broccoli Monster !!!!"
Word Count: 319
Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! belongs to Amano Akira
Summary: No one else is allowed to insult Lambo.

"Lambo-san can swing the highest!" )
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1. Super Trouper - Superchic[k]
2. With a Little Help from my Friends - Across the Universe
3. Fat Lip - Sum 41
4. Im Namen der Freundschaft - Sportfreunde Stiller
5. Land of Confusion - Disturbed
6. Falsche Entscheidung - Fettes Brot
7. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
8. A Dios le Pido - Juanes
9. Dreamin' - Weezer
10 - The Geek (Shall Inherit) - Wir Sind Helden
11. Good People - Jack Johnson
12. Through the Fire and the Flames - Dragonforce
13. Karaoke Superstars - Superchic[k]
14. Happy End - Madsen
15. The Godfather Waltz - Carlo Savina

Download Here

Sorry this one's such a big download, but there were just so many songs I wanted to put on here! And Superchic[k]is special and has two songs on it because their music is basically Reborn! in auditory form XD


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