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19 songs for Martín Hernández (Argentina)/Luciano Da Silva(Brazil) of Latin Hetalia [97.03MB]
Some songs contain swearing

King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 || Neutral Milk Hotel

When you were young
You were the king of carrot flowers
And how you built a tower tumbling through the trees
In holy rattlesnakes that fell all around your feet

And your mom would stick a fork right into daddy's shoulder
And dad would throw the garbage all across the floor
As we would lay and learn what each other's bodies were for

Be Careful What You Wish For || Zebrahead

This is me
I've got a nasty sense of humor and a case of high anxiety
If you please
I would rather be alone, than have the world around you judge me
So I've got my life together, but it's half of what it should be
So you think you can make it better?
You'd better help me, help me

Hang on but prepare
I can't live up to you
Hold on, Hold on
There's still a part of me that can't escape my insecurities
Hang on, this is me

Wrecking Ball || Interpol

Can it be true
Nobody warned you
Nobody told you to make up your mind
Nobody told you that I could just waltz through and shake up your style

I'm inside, like a wrecking ball through your mind
And I change it all from inside

No Brakes || The Bravery

No brakes, it's true
No brakes, just you
Something to move me instead
Of this Rolodex in my head

I never meant anything I said
When I see red, I see red, I see red

You Don’t Understand Me || The Raconteurs

You don't understand me
But if the feeling was right
You might comprehend me
And I don't claim to understand you
But I've been looking around
And I haven't found, anybody like you

And there's always another point of view
A better way to do the things we do
And how can you know me
And I know you
If nothing is true

Fucked Up Kid || Broken Social Scene

Skin stains are left across the floor
I know it's 'cause we didn't speak about the war
My time is only a guess
Faces are like art upon the wall
And I hope the rumors will break your fall
Guess it's gonna be love for the fucked up kid

Armistice || Phoenix

When the lights are cutting out
and I come down in your room
Our daily compromise
It is written in your signed armistice

Two Men in New Tuxedos || Wolf Parade

In the aftermath of storms
I'll let you use my hammer
I was emboldened, so I went and stole it
In the cover of the wailing of the storm

My man, I can see us smiling
I can see us smiling, my man
When the old, bone dry day
Has whipped into a night of dancing
Because I, I can see into the future

Burst || The Subways

You burst a lot when you smile, when you smile
I can't control myself
I'll wait forever just to see you shine
I can't control myself

Out in the dead light
I'm not afraid and I don't want to stay inside
Fool for a reason
I made mistakes but at least I fucking tried

Young Blood || The Naked and Famous

We're only young and naive still
We require certain skills
The mood it changes like the wind
Hard to control when it begins

The bittersweet between my teeth
Trying to find the in-betweens
Fall back in love eventually

Satellite || The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Think I need somebody
A real somebody now
Gonna need somebody
Are you somebody

I'm waiting for the sun to rise
Shine through that cloud of mine
Yeah I'm waiting for the sun to rise
Shine through that cloud of mine

You Only Live Once || The Strokes

Twenty-nine different attributes
And only seven that you like
Twenty ways to see the world
Or twenty ways to start a fight

Oh, don't, don't, don't get up
I can't see the sunshine
I'll be waiting for you baby
'Cause I'm through
Sit me down
Shut me up
I'll calm down
And I'll get along with you

Symmetry || Little Boots

You're the night to my day
And the left to my right
The blood to my veins
And the dark to my light
The stop to my start
And the constant beat in my heart

Them vs You vs Me || Finger Eleven

We left and as soon as we did I knew
There was a bad taste in our mouths
Awareness didn't come too soon
But you finally tasted it too
It's just another case of fucking up
A perfectly good afternoon
Every manner that I forgot
Could have helped me out of acting cruel

But I wasn't in the least distraught
Though my jokes were bombing
I got to feeling like my timing was off
But, Baby, that's just not me

Kiss and Resolve || The Maccabees

So pride aside I clear the air
And sweet smells they followed there
That's compromise sweetheart
Lovers kiss
Let's kiss, kiss and resolve

Eyes || Rogue Wave

Missed the last train home
Birds pass by to tell me that I'm not alone
Well, I'm pushing myself to finish this part
I can handle a lot
But one thing I'm missing is in your eyes

I'm an Animal || Neko Case

You could say it's my instinct
Yes, I still have one
There's no time to second-guess it
Yes, there are things that I'm still so afraid of
But my courage is roaring like the sound of the sun
'Cause it's vain about its mane
And will reveal them to no one
I'm an animal
You're an animal too

Pick up that rock
Tread through that lake
I do my best
But I'm made of mistakes
Yes, there are things I'm still quite sure of
I love you this hour
This hour today

If There's a Rocket Tie me to it || Snow Patrol

A fire, a fire, you can only take what you can carry
A pulse, your pulse, it's the only thing I can remember
I break you don't, I was always set to self destruct though
The fire the fire, it cracks and barks like primal music

I said I knew the beat 'cause it matched your own beat
It's become my engine my own source of heat
The sea between us only amplifies the sound waves
Every hum and echo and crash paints my cave

The Reasons || The Weakerthans

I can barely play this thing,
But you never seem to mind
And you tell me to fuck off
When I need somebody to
How you make me laugh so hard
How whole years refuse to stay
Where we told them to, bad dog
Locked up whining in a word
Or a misplaced souvenir
How the past chews on your shoes
And these memories lick my ear

I know you might roll your eyes at this
But I'm so glad that you exist



On the left: Martín Hernández (Argentina) - [ profile] rowein
On the right: Luciano Da Silva (Brazil) - [ profile] hina_teh_shitz
@ [ profile] latin_hetalia and [ profile] hetalia_latina

A huge thanks to [ profile] zulenha for the awesome cover art. Just look at it guys, LOOK AT IT. And the order of the names on the cover means nothing, I just couldn't bring myself to have their names in the opposite order of their positions in the drawing.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with the links!!
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